So, what´s it gonna cost me?



Now we have it, the critical question! 

No matter how beautiful the pics, if the wrong number flashes on the bottom line, the deal will go south right?

We will let you in on a little secret:

With some of you, it will not work out, because we seem far to expensive (and too much is too much), and for some of you not, because we seem to cheap ( and too cheap can´t have quality)  !

That is why we are very careful NOT to throw around prices and standard-bills...


What we can tell you, is what we are worth!

What we can also tell you, is that not every worth can or needs to be exchanged in money, ...(if you have little time jump to point 3)


1.)We are PROFESSIONALS in what we do. Our hour rate is comparable to the work of  master-handcrafter, doctor or lawyer, in money that would be 120€/hour. how much time your job will cost us, is very dependable on how much time we have to invest to create it, very probably we will have quite a lot in our repertoire, but if something truly original comes up, we will be happy to create it, especially for you, however this will cost time&skill.


2.)Energy Exchange: We know that is important to value every job in money to have an idea what it is worth. But the payment can happen also in other forms: Credits, Sites, Journeys, Experience, Connections, Promotion and Followjobs can and will always be part of a negotiation and might make us compromise on the money part, if something else, that we truly value is offered instead. Important is that the respect for the work, in the worth of the job is estimated with all it´s components.


3.)Lets talk about a budget! if there´is no time for a long analysis it is often the wisest thing to come up with a budget:

"That´s what we have, what can you offer for that?" And then we will send you our offer, and we can take it from there!


The most important thing is, as the Austrians say: BEIM REDEN KOMMEN DIE LEUT ZSAMM`-FOLKS BOND OVER CHITCHAT!

Emails are important, no questions! But far more important is the personal dialogue between a human and another. If clients take the time to call or answer a call, the chances to find the best deal for each other with respect on all levels are very, very prosperous!!